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Fill out our form and we will follow up shortly to schedule a discovery call to learn how we can best help you! If you can't wait, call us at 304-760-9664.

Step Two

Schedule Initial Assessment

When you leave your initial 60-minute appointment, you will know what is going on, what caused it, and what our plan of attack is.

Step Three

Develop and Execute a Plan

Most people work with us for 5-10 visits over 2-3 months. When you complete your plan, you'll be able to prevent this problem in the future.

Top Rated Physical Therapists in Teays Valley

You don't have to settle for mediocre healthcare providers who tell you to "Just Rest" or "Just Don't Do It Anymore." Our clinicians are proud to create individualized and personal physical therapy treatment plans that are unique to each individual. They also provide extensive education about how to improve one's health and prevent future injuries.

The modern day healthcare solution for individuals who want to live an active lifestyle looks and feels different. We understand athletes because we WERE and ARE athletes ourselves. Our state of the art equipment, program, and environment is curated to help prepare active adults and youth athletes to get back to what they love doing, stronger and better than ever.

One-on-one, full-hour sessions with your doctor of physical therapy or sports medicine clinician

Personalized plan of care, designed for your unique injury and activity or sport-specific goals

Simple billing. Fee-for-service model, no unexpected bills after conclusion of treatment

Constant access to your doctor or medical professional-have your questions answered by an expert!

How We Do It

How We Do It


Our priority during this stage is to alleviate your symptoms. Through the use of dry needling, cupping, and other manual therapies our clinicians will help get you out of pain and educate you on how to create the best environment to promote healing while continuing to train.

How We Do It


The area of your pain is often NOT the cause of your symptoms. Once the pain is down it’s time to get to the bottom of the issue. Our clinicians are movement experts! We will perform a thorough evaluation, analyze your movements, and provide you with movement based exercises, allowing you to have a clear understanding of the root cause of your limitations.

How We Do It


During this stage our goal is to build stronger, more resilient humans through appropriate strength training! During this stage we work towards getting you back to your respective sport or activity pain free and performing better than before. After completing your plan of care, you’ll leave with the knowledge and a skill set to keep yourself healthy as you push the limits of your high performance life!

Hear What Our Clients Are Saying!

"My first treatment from Faith in Motion was for a severe case of plantar fasciitis. I had struggled with this issue for approximately 14 months. Before beginning treatments with Dr. Farley, I had seen a podiatrist, tried all the suggested insoles, shoes etc. without relief or improvement. During my initial consultation Faith displayed a high level of skill and knowledge in her diagnosis and formulation of a treatment plan. After the first treatment I began noticing less pain and stiffness and greater mobility. After a few additional treatments and completing the stretching and exercises prescribed my pain was almost completely gone. With additional treatments and continuing with the exercises and stretches, my pain is now gone. Thanks to these treatments I am able to again participate in activities which the plantar fasciitis had kept me from. Given the success of my treatments, I decided to try the mobility plan offered by Faith, which has been great. With just two weeks of the regiment prescribed I see a drastic improvement in flexibility and strength. I would highly recommend Faith in Motion for the treatment of injuries and skillfully crafted fitness and performance therapy programs. Dr. Farley has a passion for her chosen profession and it shows."

LJ Deskins

"Seriously one of the best PT's in the area. I joke with Faith all the time that she needs to leave this area -- she's worth so much more in a bigger city. In reality, I hope she never leaves. She offers amazing mobility classes at our gym, ShotFire Fitness and specializes in functional fitness injuries. Being a CrossFitter herself, she understands the rigorous strain we place on our bodies. She's always there to mend us back to shape. I highly recommend Faith even if you just need a simple PT routine or are overcoming an injury."

Matt Stevens

"Dr. Farley has helped me with shoulder and knee pain in the last few months. Before my visit with her I thought my running days were over. She helped me build up the muscles around my knees and now I'm slowly getting back to running pain free! The dry needling was a great relief for shoulder pain and if she suggests it for you I highly recommend it. Her approach is to build you back up and get you healthy again instead of masking the problems or working around them. Her guidance with the exercises tailored specifically to your needs will get you back to where you want to be. I highly recommend her to anyone!"

Jarrettee Hesse

"I was recommended to Faith by a friend when I was training for a half and had an injury that I thought was piriformis but after Faith evaluated me found out it was a High hamstring strain !! She immediately started giving me things to do there and at home to help me get to my half marathon! And She did !!! I was amazed at my finish as I was not sure I would be able to! She encouraged me but also gave me precautions as to not make it worse !! If you have any kind of injury try her before they try to do surgery or MRI that cost a fortune !! She is worth giving a try!!! Thank you for getting me to the finish line and in a way better time then I ever expected !!!"

Wendy Short

"Faith is amazing! I have had physical therapy on several occasions over the past 15 or so years and it's always been helpful, but with Faith it has been the most beneficial because the visits are 1 on 1 and she is able to treat me for multiple issues at the same time, something traditional PT does not typically do. She is also always reachable by email, text or phone call and quick to respond. The personalized plan of strengthening exercises and a stretching routine have helped tremendously, along with sometimes getting dry needling therapy. Having a long history of low back issues, along with more recent issues and injuries with my wrist, tennis elbow, hip flexor and calf, from playing lots of tennis and from and doing yard jobs, Faith has been able to keep me playing and working while rehabilitating my injuries and helping me strengthen overall to prevent additional injuries. I started out seeing Faith weekly for several months and have progressed to seeing her monthly. I will continue seeing Faith on a monthly basis just for maintenance and to hopefully stay ahead of any future injuries that may be headed my way! You won't regret giving her a call, she Rocks!"

Melanie Burdette

"Dr. Farley knows her stuff! She helped me avoid a costly MRI on what I was told could be a torn labrum. I was going to PT elsewhere three times a week with no success. After three sessions with Faith and working on the exercises she provided, I have been pain free and able to proceed with my routine. Instead of only rehabbing to remove pain, Dr. Farley also focuses on getting her patients where they want to be, not just functioning. Your health is an investment and so is your mobility. My mom always told me to "do it right the first time." Dr. Farley will help you do just that!"

Jessica N

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